CHASH Tea: The Full Story

CHASH Tea: The Full Story

Whether you’re a M Café regular or not, you probably know that we have reopened our quaint little café a couple of weeks ago. With that, we bring new beverages, sweet treats, and a fabulous food menu to follow – stay tuned! We have been working hard to source the best suppliers so we can offer top quality products in the comfort of our little village.

Today marks the launch of our new tea supplier, CHASH tea. We have fallen in love with the story as much as the tea itself, hopefully you do too, as you are the ultimate critics!

Dan, the founder of CHASH tea, originally worked for the national press and he started to wonder why people spent more money on coffee than they would a newspaper. This sparked more curiosity – what about tea? Why hadn’t tea been part of this change in consumer spending. We are a nation of tea drinkers, out weighting coffee 2:1, so why are we living with substandard tea?

Historically tea was a luxury that only few could afford, so how did it become that we settle for mass-made sub-standard tea now? Dan was on a mission to find out, scouting the country far and wide asking coffee drinkers the ultimate question… what about tea? He found out that people did want speciality tea, but there was nowhere to get it. We were being deprived of good tea, so we were forced to take after our American friends and turn to coffee!

At this realisation CHASH tea was born! Dan spent 2 years sharing his flat with hundreds of boxes of tea, before finally being forced to move himself and his beloved tea into a warehouse – kitchen sink and all. With the help of his mum (go on mum) 2 years later he was able to move out of the warehouse and get a place of his own – tea free!

Tea is made from just one bush, an evergreen called Camellia Sinensis – the holy grail of evergreens. The cultivation of fine tea (like wine) needs a combination of unique aspects – location, climate, soil, topography and elevation, combined with the skill of a tea master. Pssh… only a couple of things!

Dan travels the world to source the best tea and brings it back for the greater good, Britons tea addition. Dedicated to the luxury every day and the unique rare blends not found in the UK, why do you think we supply this tea? The unique, the luxury, and the everyday is what Manns Of Cranleigh is all about.  

We have a selection of loose leaf tea’s in-store such as Breakfast Cuppa, Earl Grey 1833, Green Tea and Peppermint. CHASH supply top brands around the country including the Waldorf Astoria, The National Gallery and The Royal Academy Of Arts. The pouches we use in-store are completely decomposable, we are passionate about putting back as much as we take from this world and try and take this into consideration at all times.

Come in and try this tea for yourself, you'll never go back!

Posted by Naomi Earnshaw
5th December 2019

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