National Walking Month: Week 4

National Walking Month: Week 4

This walk will take you along the old railway line and back through the fields running behind the village. This walk is slightly longer at 45-60 minutes, it has been tried and tested by members of staff – please bare in mind this can vary depending on walking speed.

1. Start at Manns Of Cranleigh

2. Cross the main road and walk towards Sainsburys car park.

3. Enter Sainsburys car park, on the left hand side you will see an entrance to the old rail way line (see picture).

4. Once on the old railway line turn right and continue to walk.

5. Continue down the railway line, past the 2 green gates (see picture).

6. Soon on your right you will see an upward sloped path, which will lead you down a residential road and onto Elmbridge road.

7. Continue to walk along the path, towards the One Stop shop.

8. Turn left onto Alford road, you will pass the One Stop shop on your right.

9. Continue down Alford road for about 5 minutes, you will pass the Berkley housing estate.

10. On your right you will see a gated entrance onto the field that run behind the village (see image).

11. You will continue along this path until you reach the end (see image). Note: there are some construction works at the end of the fields, there is a pedestrian path available.


12. Cross the road and through the kissing gate onto Snoxhalls field (see image).


13. Cross snoxhalls field towards the ‘outside gym’. Cross the small bridge and continue with the leisure centre on your right..

14. Turn left and continue along the high street and back to Manns.

15. Coffee time!   


Unfortunatley we are unable to save PDF or word documents to our website. However, all the instructions and maps will be printed and available in store. If you would like a virtual copy or are unable to come into store, please email us at and we will be able to send it straight over.

Thank you. Happy walking!

Posted by Naomi Earnshaw
31st May 2019

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