Stress Month: Aromatherapy

Stress Month: Aromatherapy

We have officially entered into Stress Awareness Month and we believe life is just too short to be over-stressed, so this month we are going to give you a variety of at home treatments to help keep stress at bay. We have joined forces with the talented Georgie from Glo Yoga, who is going to share her expertise in yoga and breathing techniques to keep us zen. Look out for these posts coming soon…

This week we are turning our attention to aromatherapy and essential oils. You might have seen these oils within the extensive ingredients list on your luxury beauty products and other than giving you gorgeous skin, these natural gems can have a massive impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

What are they?

Essential oils are the extraction of a plant’s aromatic essence, so when you smell or touch a flower, such as lavender, the scent you’re experiencing is the essential oil in a very low dosage. This essential oil is extracted in a variety of ways depending on the plant itself; steam distillation, expression, solvent extraction and enfleurage. Now, I could explain each of these methods to you in great detail; however, all you really need to know is that many plants and flowers sacrifice themselves for us to benefit – thanks!

How can this help me?

You may be wondering why this matters to you? Essential oils can play a massive part in not only your glowing appearance but in your mental and physical health as well. Each essential oil has different properties, which allow you to feel different effects; lavender is very relaxing so great to use in the evening and black pepper is very stimulating so beneficial to use in the morning or for muscle pain. 

How to use?

You can absorb the oil benefits in many different ways. Two main types are topically and inhalation.

Essential oils can be applied topically through the use of carrier oils. As essential oils are so concentrated, they can actually be damaging if applied directly to the skin and as you only need a few drops of each essential oil to feel the full benefits, by using carrier oils you can spread the goodness to all parts of your body. Your body will absorb the oils through your pores and into your blood. Once in your bloodstream the oils will disperse to the specific organs and areas to work their magic. This is an amazing technique to target any physical complaints; your clever body will direct the oils to where is needed.

Another way to reap the benefits of essential oils is through inhalation, either through a diffuser or simply giving your favourite oil a quick wiff. As you inhale your oil of choice, the scent will travel to your hypothalamus gland, which is responsible for your hormone control and therefore your mood. Your body knows more than you do and attracts the oil it needs, activating the hypothalamus gland to release the hormone giving you your desired effect – a fabulous mood! Essential oils are amazing for mental health benefits and can be used as often or little as you choose.

Essential oils in everyday life…

An easy way to integrate aromatherapy into your everyday life is choosing products that contain essential oils rather than just fragrances. Most products that contain essential oils will use this as a selling point, meaning they will tell you on the front of the packaging. If in doubt, check the ingredients list and they will be listed there.

NEOM pride themselves on their use of essential oils within their products, featuring essential oils within ALL of their ranges, while keeping it 100% natural. Each range is given a name based on their desired effect and their essential oils chosen will reflect this. This means you don’t even have to check the ingredients! You can trust the NEOM brand to take you where you need to be.

From candles to oils to bath salts, you can include aromatherapy into every part of your life. You will slowly start to find your favourite ranges, smells and effects that suit you and your life style. Keeping your health natural allows for your body to adapt and grow, targeting the cause of problem rather than covering the symptoms.    

If you’re feeling adventurous then you can make your own skin care remedies at home, there are tonnes of books containing information and recipes so you can create tailor made products just for you! Just grab your favourite essential oils and start creating! Perfect as presents for loved ones or purely indulge in a self-care evening and feel like a new you every day.

NEOM products are available to buy at Manns.

(Imaging sourced from NEOM)


Posted by Naomi Earnshaw
8th April 2019

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