Brand Spotlight: Alex Monroe

Brand Spotlight: Alex Monroe

Here at Manns we take great pride in being able to sell you stylish, modern and premium brands with an inherently British touch, and our selection of Alex Monroe Jewellery perfectly epitomises this.

Alex's jewellery is synonymous with a very English sense of style. It is feminine, delicate and quirky, but above all consistently wearable. Now a much loved brand world-wide, each and every piece is individually designed and handmade in England by Alex and his team. Alex grew up in the countryside, in the wilds of Suffolk surrounded by nature. He lived a life of adventure in rivers and forests, roaming freely in nature’s playground.

In the years to come, this idyllic but eccentric childhood would shape Alex’s jewellery. His love for the natural world continues to provide inspiration. A fondness for the eccentricities of Englishness provides a touch of humour and nostalgia. A fascination with the intricacies of making things ensures, perhaps the most important of all, superb craftsmanship.



1st November 2017

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