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Our Commitments

At Manns of Cranleigh we take security very seriously.

We employ specialist security providers to ensure that the latest and best security is setup and maintained.

Data Security

All transactional data is encrypted using the highest security commercially available using an SSL certificate provided by Rapid SSL.

You will see a padlock in the address bar during the checkout area of the site to signify this is in place. Please note different browsers show the green padlock icon in different ways.

Rapid SSL is backed GeoTrust and provide the following services:

  • 256-bit encryption of all data between your pc and our servers
  • Confirms the identify of our servers to prevent against phishing (copies)
  • Checking repeat visitors are still encrypted

To view the Legal documentation about the SSL certificate please click here:


Credit Card Security

We use Sagepay for our credit card merchant services. Sagepay provide our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) which are rated as level 1 – The highest possible level.

Their PCI DSS compliance helps to:

  • make shopping on the internet safer by reducing online fraud
  • prevent theft and the unauthorised use of credit and debit cards
  • protect both consumers and businesses from fraudulent activity
  • ensure merchants are securely storing, processing & transmitting card data
  • avoid the reputational damage and financial costs associated with a breach in data security

Please see our security certificate here:


Pay Pal

We also offer Pay Pal as an alternative online payment method. Pay Pal  helps us stay secure by protecting sensitive information using state-of-the-art encryption, so your data is not available to anyone.

Pay Pall prevents fraud using the following methods:

  • Our proprietary risk models help detect and predict fraudulent transactions - before they affect your business.
  • We use industry-recognized AVS and CVV2 checks to thwart identity theft.
  • And we employ patent-pending bank account verification as an additional level of authentication.